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Download Youtube video & audio

YTDownloader was made to assist users with otherwise tricky video downloads from Youtube and many other websites and social networks. But mainly Youtube, and since we don't annoince every site we can help you with - and there are 100s of them - simply copy video URL and submit it into form on top, then you'll know for sure if we support that website for video downloads source. Otherwise download videos from Youtube, convert them to MP3 and MP4 free, no software, no hidden tricks, all open and ready to help you out.

Download Youtube to MP4, MP3, other formats

We can help you download Youtube music videos in many formats, including most popular MP4 and MP3 formats. Funny they sound almost the same, but MP3 cannot contain video, while MP4 contains both video and audio, but audio is never MP3 format, it's rather AAC or other OPUS variations. In any case, when you submit video URL and get drop-down list of download options, check out what formats are offered on this video, as different websites offer different formats for download. Here are some of the most popular Youtube stream formats we accept for the downloader:

YTDownloader is a native webapp

Our Youtube Downloader also comes as a native app for your Windows or Android based devices. Simply hit the install button above, then accept the prompt and there you go, now you have a copy of this website installed as a native app on your device. It will use same browser to access this site, but to you it'll just be looking like another app. It needs no updates, you can uninstall in 2 clicks, no obligations, no storage space needed, it's always ready to work for you.. Give it a test drive.

Add to Home Screen

Quick access with shortcut bookmark

Try Youtube Downloader with this shortcut. All you gotta do is save this bookmark button below to your browser, you can do it by drag and drop process, so it's best to do this on a laptop or desktop, also works great for Apple tech. With this bookmark saved in your browser, you will be able to skip the part where URL needs to be copied from the page where video is located, and then inserted into the form we have on top of page.

Basically it's a simple 1 click on this bookmark when you decide to download video you're currently watching or just browsing. It means that page with video is open in your browser, so all you do is click the bookmark, and instantly find yourself back here as YTD, but also that video page URL is already in the entry box of the form, and all that is left to do is click the Download button to the right. Easy, no copy-pasting, which maybe sometimes harder to do on laptops and such... Use this shortcut and you'll be skipping that. Also it saves lots of time to spend with your family later..

Download Mp4

FAQ - Questions & Answers

What file formats are supported @ YTD?

Videos can be often downloaded as MP4, MKV, WEBM, 3GP formats, while audio formats we support include MP3, M4A, WEBM, etc. Usually we pass to you all formats that video provides and then some..

How to download Youtube on mobile Android/iPhone?

  1. Open video in Youtube app, or other place you found it, maybe in a browser
  2. Hit the social Share button, in there Copy Link, or just copy video URL from browser address bar
  3. Now insert it into our form on page top, hit Download button and wait
  4. Menu will come up with options, find the format and quality you like and download file

Where do I find downloaded files on my device?

Use browser's menu (three-dot sign), find Downloads option in it, tap it and enjoy!

What is the best way to download Youtube?

  1. Open the video you need to download in browser, copy its link to clipboard.
  2. Visit ytdownloader and insert video URL into the search box, tap Download
  3. Now check what file format you like to download, select it in the menu, then save file to your device.

Am I limited in my daily video downloads?

No, we don't limit normal non-abusive usage, unless you try to download miltiple videos simultaneously, or convert a dozen videos to mp3 all at once.

Do you support downloads from Facebook et al?

Yes, we support all social networks, including Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, Twitter, etc. We work with sites lime Vimeo and Daily. We can extract music from Soundcloud and Mixcloud.. It's easier to just copy page URL and submit into that form on top, then you'll know for sure if we support your website.